About Staying in the Vine

Staying in the Vine Resources are materials and courses for people wanting to develop in their spiritual walk and deepen their relationship with God.

All our courses are interactive and intended for use in groups. They are run over a series of weeks and the adult courses include a retreat to conclude the syllabus. Participants are encouraged to encounter Jesus through personal times of prayer and led meditations in groups. Each week there is opportunity to grow in listening skills as each participant shares their experiences. Through these practices participants will grow in the knowledge and experience of God’s love.

The Staying in the Vine courses intend to help people in exploring the classic Spiritual Disciplines, with particular emphasis on prayerful meditation in the Christian tradition. If you are interested in other resources of this nature, you may also like to visit our sister site Into Deeper Waters.

Tina Squires

Staying in the Vine Resources is the work of Tina Squires. Tina Squires is an experienced retreat leader and spiritual director. She has served and for many years in Vineyard and Anglican churches. For the last two decades she has served and led groups within the church community of Trent Vineyard in Nottingham. Tina has pioneered the Staying in the Vine course for almost two decades and provided spiritual accompaniment and spiritual direction. Please contact Tina for more details on leading retreats, spiritual formation courses and offering spiritual direction.


“Staying in the Vine Courses have a depth of authenticity that can only be found in someone who has lived and embraced the journey into the depths of relationship with Jesus. Tina is a seasoned leader who over the years has sought Him and His presence to discover gold, embracing the refining that has come into her own life via the process. The Courses have been foundational for me as I reflect back and have impacted much of my spiritual journey since.”

Helen Murphy, Pastor

“Doing Staying in the Vine Plus was an incredible experience, learning how to truly be still. It was a glorious undoing, going deeper with Jesus in solitude. Through this course I really began to see beyond the surface of things and journeyed into a secret place with Him. I wholeheartedly recommend this course.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Staying in the Vine course. Initially, I didn’t know what to expect but it became very apparent – very quickly that it was about ‘drawing closer to God’. This course has gently introduced me to spiritual practices and disciplines, of which I still use today, to bring me into the presence of God. This course has fundamentally impacted my spiritual growth and journey. I think anyone serious about genuinely knowing God, should do this course! It’s a game changer!”



“We’ve had the opportunity to run the course in the UK and in France. Helping run Staying in the Vine is always a privilege; to see lives change as participants encounter God through the meditations and respond to His presence. Interestingly those who are most reluctant regarding meditation and contemplation are often those who make the biggest breakthrough!”

Graham & Sharon